Slip and Fall Accident: Who’s to Blame?

You’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident. You are certain a person or company caused you to be injured. Not surprisingly, the other party is denying responsibility to avoid paying your medical expenses, lost salary, and pain and suffering. They say the accident could have been avoided if you had been more careful. Are they liable for your mishap, or are you to blame? The answer may surprise you.

Slip and Fall Accident: Who Is Fault Is It?

A slip and fall lawyer can tell you that, in the eyes of the law, you are likely BOTH responsible for the accident. The courts assume that, even when a person or company was obviously negligent, it is possible that you could have steered clear of the slip and fall accident if you had acted with the utmost care and caution.

However, you still may have an extremely strong case. Your slip and fall attorney may be able to get you substantial compensation. The important question is not who is to blame, but rather what percentage of the blame the court assigns to each party.

A Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

A slip and fall lawyer will argue that the overwhelming majority of the blame lies on the negligent person or business that caused your accident. A slip and fall attorney will present evidence to support your claim that, while it is possible you could have avoided the trip or slip, the other party’s negligence is the main cause for your injury.

Your slip and fall lawyer will argue to attribute the smallest percentage of fault to you as possible. After the award or settlement is determined, the amount you receive will be reduced by the percentage of fault you share. For example, if you were found to be 10% liable, your final award will be reduced by 10%.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Are Experts

Slip and fall lawyers are experienced in slip and fall accident cases, and thus know how to get you top dollar for your lawsuit. You should not try to settle these cases alone. Not only is it likely that you will be held partly at fault, but judges and juries are often skeptical of these cases due to the fact that a few unscrupulous people seek undeserved money by faking slip and fall injuries. The complexity these cases require slip and fall attorneys to give you the highest probability of winning your suit.

You may only share a small percentage of blame for your accident. But if you try to represent yourself in a slip and fall case and end up with nothing, you will have no one but yourself to blame. Do the smart thing and consult a slip and fall lawyer.

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